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Apparently I'm getting better at replacing brakes, no bleeding knuckles this time around πŸ‘

I finally have an "office" set up at the cabin and it makes me so happy :)

I have a lot of work planned for the cabin this weekend but for now it's time to relax with a nice fire and a hefty cup of Bowmore

This is one of my favorite things in my IT toolbag. Makes it so easy to clone a hard drive

The wife's pick for how to spend Mother's Day? Going to see Detective Pikachu :)

And the movie did not disappoint. I would say one of the best movies I've seen in a few years

Finally got around to installing the solar panel for my WiFi outdoor camera. The camera's battery lasted over two weeks without a charge (which is awesome) but now with the panel I never need to worry about charging it πŸ‘

What a week! Needed a break from all the code writing so I took the evening off and installed a new kitchen sink

Installed another UniFi AP at a client's office yesterday. I am really liking these little access points. Low profile, low cost, and they work great for medium sized businesses πŸ‘

Season 5 of Bosch was perfect. Now to wait an entire year for season 6

I know I'm a day late for my usual post but today I decided to make a quick apple bread for the family. It did not disappoint

Set up a WiFi & solar powered video camera yesterday. Now I can see (and talk to) whoever is at the door while I'm in the office downstairs πŸ‘

How did I not realize the new Daniel Suarez book came out last week?!? So excited!

Well, so far what I have learned from the LFNW live stream is that there is an attendee that really likes Nest thermostats

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