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Making some crossover cables for the next Xbox game night

As per Seth's request I made a banana bread. It also contains a cup of chocolate chips, as per Seth's request :)

Enjoying a cup of coffee and taking the new Dave Hause album for a spin. As far as Saturday mornings go this is a 5/5

T-minus 3 hours until the B-man arrives and we can eat pizza and watch WrestleMania!

It's been making its laps around the Blendersphere, but if you haven't already seen it, you should fix that problem and watch the latest open movie from the Blender Animation Studio, Spring. #b3d #artwithopensource

Today's was my first attempt at a rye bread and it turned out pretty great. The caraway seeds added a very nice smell and flavor

This has to be the fastest I have ever read an Expanse book. Book #9 is going to be intense!

Today's is a version of "Oat Loaf". I had to swap in all-purpose for the whole wheat flour and I tossed in an extra 1/4 cup of raisins (because we love raisins)

Wait! The actress who plays the lead in Star Trek was Rhonda!?! How did I not realize this until now?

This was a great Saturday morning read. Sharing for the other freelancer's out there:

Seth has begun working on his own version of Magic the Gathering this morning. This kid's creativity impresses me every day

Seth bought a Lego set of one of his favorite scenes in Harry Potter. So what does he do? Build a movie theater to display it of course :)

If you get the chance the Kenny Omega story on TSN is well worth the watch

Oh good. The neighbor finally fixed the broken rear window of his truck 🙄

Spring break = Seth watching MTG streams on the office TV

Well, I wasn't planning on migrating my websites to a new server tonight but apparently I am :(

this made me lol so hard

basically this company used to offer fat bonuses for engineers inventing good patent ideas, and now it doesn’t, so their most inventive engineer is saying he “forgot” his latest innovation and will probably take it out the door with him 😂

folks there’s so many layers of problems going on; this is like an action movie to me

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