I finally have an "office" set up at the cabin and it makes me so happy :)

I have a lot of work planned for the cabin this weekend but for now it's time to relax with a nice fire and a hefty cup of Bowmore

@smallette unfortunately, I don't think they sell this version anymore. That's not to say their isn't a newer one out there. I've had this one for many years now and it still works flawlessly


@miclgael I don't actually even think they make this version anymore. I've had it for so long. Most likely they have a newer, faster model by now but this is the one I own newegg.com/Product/Product.asp

Takes a little over an hour to clone a 500 GB drive

@seven hahaha I'm not usually one to compare my dongle with people online....

Can that one also perform a stand-alone clone? I've not needed to perform a standalone IDE clone in a very long time, but having the ability to do so would be pretty cool

This is one of my favorite things in my IT toolbag. Makes it so easy to clone a hard drive

The wife's pick for how to spend Mother's Day? Going to see Detective Pikachu :)

And the movie did not disappoint. I would say one of the best movies I've seen in a few years

Finally got around to installing the solar panel for my WiFi outdoor camera. The camera's battery lasted over two weeks without a charge (which is awesome) but now with the panel I never need to worry about charging it 👍

What a week! Needed a break from all the code writing so I took the evening off and installed a new kitchen sink

Installed another UniFi AP at a client's office yesterday. I am really liking these little access points. Low profile, low cost, and they work great for medium sized businesses 👍

Season 5 of Bosch was perfect. Now to wait an entire year for season 6

I know I'm a day late for my usual post but today I decided to make a quick apple bread for the family. It did not disappoint

Set up a WiFi & solar powered video camera yesterday. Now I can see (and talk to) whoever is at the door while I'm in the office downstairs 👍

How did I not realize the new Daniel Suarez book came out last week?!? So excited! goodreads.com/book/show/408590

Well, so far what I have learned from the LFNW live stream is that there is an attendee that really likes Nest thermostats

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