I changed a couple of my SSIDs to entertain the neighbors

For the first time in over 4 years Jessica and I had some alone time, and it was magical!

This is definitely my favorite place to field test software

Picked up the rental car for our BC trip and I asked the boys what nickname we should give it. They chose "Gyarados"

Installed one of these StrideLinx VPN devices earlier in the week. Really impressed so far. It allows support techs secure access to the clients manufacturing plant without any access to the office network. It tunnels through the office network on port 443. Beautiful

Sunday hiking with the family. My new favorite hobby

I left my best Pokemon in charge. You got this buddy!

Finally set up my own OpenVAS server. So far it's working pretty well 👍

I love reading the crime report in my hometown paper

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The Holden Hilton

The Holden Hilton