I finally have an "office" set up at the cabin and it makes me so happy :)

I have a lot of work planned for the cabin this weekend but for now it's time to relax with a nice fire and a hefty cup of Bowmore

This is one of my favorite things in my IT toolbag. Makes it so easy to clone a hard drive

I know I'm a day late for my usual post but today I decided to make a quick apple bread for the family. It did not disappoint

Set up a WiFi & solar powered video camera yesterday. Now I can see (and talk to) whoever is at the door while I'm in the office downstairs 👍

Making some crossover cables for the next Xbox game night

As per Seth's request I made a banana bread. It also contains a cup of chocolate chips, as per Seth's request :)

Enjoying a cup of coffee and taking the new Dave Hause album for a spin. As far as Saturday mornings go this is a 5/5

Today's was my first attempt at a rye bread and it turned out pretty great. The caraway seeds added a very nice smell and flavor

Today's is a version of "Oat Loaf". I had to swap in all-purpose for the whole wheat flour and I tossed in an extra 1/4 cup of raisins (because we love raisins)

Seth has begun working on his own version of Magic the Gathering this morning. This kid's creativity impresses me every day

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