This is one of my favorite things in my IT toolbag. Makes it so easy to clone a hard drive

@dave I need one of those, shutup amazon and take my money...

@dave Ps. I see your cool dual drive dongle (ddd you owe me a nickel every time you use that) and raise you, does IDE and both kinds of sata...

@seven hahaha I'm not usually one to compare my dongle with people online....

Can that one also perform a stand-alone clone? I've not needed to perform a standalone IDE clone in a very long time, but having the ability to do so would be pretty cool

@dave To point one, clearly, you are new to mastodon! :P lol

To point 2, No stand alone cloning off this one of any kind, but, I have definitely had need of cloning an IDE drive. Standalone doesn't help me personally as much as you would think, often I have to pass stuff through (software) to get at the data correctly in my line of work.

@miclgael I don't actually even think they make this version anymore. I've had it for so long. Most likely they have a newer, faster model by now but this is the one I own

Takes a little over an hour to clone a 500 GB drive

@dave What make and model is it? I might have to pick up something like that

@smallette unfortunately, I don't think they sell this version anymore. That's not to say their isn't a newer one out there. I've had this one for many years now and it still works flawlessly

@dave That is cool, the link gives me an idea what to look for. Thanks

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