I just earned the 'Photogenic Brew (Level 22)' badge on @untappd@twitter.com! untp.beer/s/b593007920

I just earned the 'Bar Explorer (Level 5)' badge on @untappd@twitter.com! untp.beer/s/b593007919

Pretty sure I just voided my warranty, but when has that ever stopped me before 🤓

Shots shots shots shots shots shots
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Absolutely loving the new flooring in the Umycode office

Awww.... It's just a widdle baby! They sure keep making these things smaller

Yet again the La Perle community league fireworks were fantastic this year. Being able to sit on my front step with my boys and watch them launch from the field across our house is definitely one of my favorite things about our home

Reading Joel McHale's book and he just randomly name drops the River Cree casino.....

In order to get a domain transfer code from this hosting provider I just had to email (although they listed fax as the preferred option) a two page document and a copy of photo ID. And they still have the nerve to ask why I am transferring the domain?!?

Spending the day debugging network issues on Windows for Workgroups 3.1 and just realized I was Seth's age when this OS came out....

Everytime I run "set-inform" on a Ubiquiti device the song "Informer" starts playing in my head

Time to finish off another great reunion weekend with some Love Letter

So what does an IT guy do when his vehicle starts acting up? He begins to actively log all sensor data while he drives it 👍

My 7 yr old asked if he could watch TV and he is watching the morning news! The 4yr old just asked him if they could watch Netflix instead as the news is for adults. lol

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