this made me lol so hard

basically this company used to offer fat bonuses for engineers inventing good patent ideas, and now it doesn’t, so their most inventive engineer is saying he “forgot” his latest innovation and will probably take it out the door with him 😂

folks there’s so many layers of problems going on; this is like an action movie to me

Apparently we have begun the annual "tap water in Edmonton smells like a public swimming pool" season

Sorry Google, I don't think "Toast" counts as a type of bread...

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Wow! China Airport face recognition systems to help you check your flight status and find the way to your gate. Note I did not input anything, it accurately identified my full flight information from my face!


I was very fortunate to be able to stream most of today and I have almost four pages of notes to dig through later. Thank you ATB for putting on a great show

Today's was an Irish soda bread. It turned out well, nice and soft, smells great, but just a little tasteless if I'm being honest. Probably not going to use this recipe again

Getting ready to watch the stream with my ATB coffee mug in hand

Whoa, that episode of Star Trek Discovery was intense!

New Dave Hause, Mackenzie Porter, and Battle Beast tracks all dropped today!

I've been spending the past few days working on the documentation for Work Tyme and just started to use Expanse characters for my demo accounts. I don't think I can go back to using anything else now

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brb, changing my password on Facebook to ‘X5O!P%@AP[4\PZX54(P^)7CC)7}$EICAR-STANDARD-ANTIVIRUS-TEST-FILE!$H+H*’ to see what happens


Can't think of a better way to spend the Vernal Equinox

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Dungeon Master expectation:
A master storyteller who gets to weave epic adventures for their friends.

DM reality:
An accidental therapist who has to guide a group of friends through weird parts of their personalities, whilst pretending to be a goblin.



"Dan Blankenship, who dedicated his life to finding treasure on Nova Scotia’s Oak Island, has died."

The digital (and blu-ray?) release of Into the Sider-Verse includes an alternate version of the film with different plot lines and characters.

It isn't a fully animated cut. Apparently they splice in storyboards and other stuff where necessary. But it's ~ 2 hours long.

First calf of the year at my parent's farm. Two weeks early. They are naming her Patty, for obvious reasons

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